Top 5 Tips for Exhibit Lighting

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How LED Lights are Energy-Efficient

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Don’t Overlook Lighting for your Exhibit

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Top 10 Features of the PAL25XL LED Arm Light

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Eco-Friendly, Rechargeable SGS-6000 LED Light Stand

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LovoFlex™ – Superior LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Introducing the most innovative and Superior LED Flexible Strip Lighting product in the market, the LovoFlex™ LED series by Prism Lighting Group™. LovoFlex™ offers exciting LED Lighting Options for your … Read more

Connect with Us at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018!

We’re excited to attend EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 and we invite you to join us at booth #1661 where we will be featuring new, innovative LED Lighting Solutions! Click here to claim your … Read more

Prism Makes Wishes Come True

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Roman Moszkowicz Talks Lighting Trends in the Trade Show Industry

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What makes High Quality LED Strip Lighting?

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A Pool Skimmer & A Dream – The Prism Origin Story

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Buyer Beware: Not All LEDs are Created Equal

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Summer Deals to Brighten Your Day

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Why is there such a price difference for LED Flexible Strip Lighting between different LED suppliers?

You may have seen prices vary as much as 300% for LED flexible strip lighting between different manufacturers. This is primarily due to the quality of the components being used. … Read more

Introducing the LovoFlex Series of LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Introducing the most innovative and advanced LED Flexible Strip Lighting product in the market, the LovoFlex LED series by Prism Lighting Group™. Only the highest grade materials are used in … Read more

From Trade Shows to Retail – Prism Lighting Group™

In 2001, Charlie Simpson recognized the need for high-quality innovative lighting products in the Trade Show and Exhibit Industry and launched Prism Tradeshow Lighting. However, we have seen many changes … Read more

Recognized Certification Marks and Labels for LED Lighting

Before an electrical product or piece of electrical equipment is used, sold, displayed or advertised for sale in North America, it must be approved by an accredited certification or evaluation … Read more

Join Us at EXHIBITORLIVE 2017!

Prism Tradeshow Lighting will be attending EXHIBITORLIVE 2017 in Las Vegas, NV and we invite you to join us at booth #1385 where we will be featuring new, innovative LED Lighting … Read more

Buying VS. Building Exhibit Lighting for Maximized ROI

If you work in the exhibit design industry, you are faced with challenging choices every day. That’s one of the aspects that makes this industry so versatile and exciting! But … Read more

PAL25XL is The Future of LED Arm Lights

The innovative PAL25XL LED Display Arm is the next generation series of arm lights with the emphasis on faster installation, wire management and natural LED light using Hi CRI Technology. … Read more

When Standard Lights Just Won’t Do, Use Professional Lighting Design Services

When you have a custom LED lighting need, a lighting designer will help make your vision a reality. Having an architect-trained lighting designer at your fingertips will add expertise on … Read more

Prism is Heading To Exhibitor Live!

Prism Tradeshow Lighting will be attending EXHIBITORLIVE! 2016 and we invite you visit us at booth #1503 where we will be featuring new, innovative LED Lighting Products! Click here to … Read more

New U.S. Location to Serve you Better!

Prism has moved to a larger facility and hired additional personnel to serve you better. The new address is: 60 Carlson Road, Suite 15 Rochester, New York 14610 Contact us … Read more

SHOW6 Kit Wins Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice Award 2015

Prism has won an Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice 2015 Award for the SHOW6 Kit; a revolutionary new turnkey solution that enables you and your clients to drastically reduce electrical power costs … Read more


Prism’s new LED Mobile Showroom (LMS) offers you the opportunity to handle an extensive array of working LED light samples, plug them into provided transformers, and fully understand how each … Read more


Prism Tradeshow Lighting has developed the perfect lighting solution for backlit graphics. Using precision optical lenses, the Luxor LED Light Strip controls the light beam exactly where it needs to … Read more

Show Battery Wins Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice Award 2014

Prism has won an Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice 2014 Award for Show Battery “Portable Power in a Box.” This revolutionary Li-ion battery is capable of powering 72 watts of LED … Read more


Prism Trade Show Lighting is featured in the Canadian Business Journal in an article by our long-time customer Lionheart Displays. It’s called “Attention to Detail”… which is something we excel … Read more


The PAL30S [now the award-winning PAL25S] is another Signature Product creation from the R&D team at Prism. We have created the first LED display arm light utilizing LED’s that do … Read more


The concept of an AC LED is an elegant one.  Because you can eliminate the AC-to-DC converter (the need for an external power supply in some cases) and several other … Read more


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When designing a booth most designers will have a vision of the booth’s concept in their mind before they put anything down on paper. Booth lighting should play as big … Read more


LED stands for light emitting diode. These diodes can be found in many common devices such as flashlights and alarm clocks and offer many advantages over a traditional light bulb. … Read more