Friday, May 16th, 2014

Prism Tradeshow Lighting has developed the perfect lighting solution for backlit graphics. Using precision optical lenses, the Luxor LED Light Strip controls the light beam exactly where it needs to be, to create a bright white light that is evenly distributed throughout the graphic area.

No need to fill the entire back panel with lights. Luxor LED Lights are so efficient that a single horizontal strip at the top and bottom inside walls is all you need to illuminate the entire lightbox. And, there are no limitations; they can be used for single-side or double-sided graphics, tension fabric or plexi panels… if it needs to be illuminated, Luxor can do it.

Luxor Hi-Power LED Light is intelligently engineered, to allow the linking together of strips without tools for easy installation. Luxor puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating the perfect backlit graphic, as you can build the lightbox to whatever size the project calls for. No need to conform to standard lightbox units, make it fit to your specifications!

Luxor LED Light Strips are high-power when it comes to brightness, but low-power when it comes to energy consumption. Each LED module is only 2 Watts and Luxor Strips use a 24Volt Power Supply.

“Luxor” Hi-Power LED Light Strips, another bright innovation by Prism Tradeshow Lighting, the industry leaders in LED Lighting.

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