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High-Quality LED Flexible Strip Lighting

What makes High Quality LED Strip Lighting?
Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Don’t be fooled by super low prices, as the long-term performance from high-quality LED lighting will outweigh short-lived problems that occur by using “cheap” inferior products. Here’s a how to tell if the LED strip lighting you’re buying is high quality:

High quality is manufactured with top-tier authentic electronics and premium grade LED diodes. By using premium LEDs, you get higher luminous flux, longer life, and better color temperature consistency.

Manufacturers of strip lighting will use a lead-free Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) technique (Soldering) to protect the environment and stabilize the welding pots.

LED Strip Lighting operates at a low temperature which allows it to be used for just about all applications. For better heat-dissipation, LED strip lighting should have a double-layer PCB with a thickness of 2 or 4 OZ copper. This will also reduce voltage loss and reduce premature light decay. Low-grade LED and low-grade electronic components will aid in light decay acceleration.

LED Strip Lighting should use authentic adhesive tape (TESA and/or 3M) to secure the strip lighting to the non-porous surface of your display structure. High-quality strip lighting will use an adhesive that has high bonding strength, stress compensating, heat-resistant and weather resistant. It’s important to note that 3M tape is well known in the industry to be reverse engineered by strip light manufacturers to save on using authentic 3M. Companies who use TESA tape are investing in authentic double-sided adhesive tape.

LED Strip Lighting will have recognized electrical certification marks so you never have to worry about issues with regulations due to improperly tested lighting products that are not UL, ETL, CSA or TUV certified.

When it’s high-quality, the supplier will back the quality by providing a product warranty. Most warranties for Flexible Strip Lighting should be 3-5 years.

High quality flexible LED strip lighting prices reflects its premium grade components such as authentic premium LED chips, double-layer PCB and high strength adhesive backing. Price increases as the wattage requirements go higher. When evaluating price, consider the risk of on-site repair and maintenance costs by using low grade products. With High Quality LED strip lighting, the value increases significantly with long term maintenance free usage.

With High Quality LED strip lighting, the value increases significantly with long-term maintenance-free usage.If you’d like to understand the advantages of high-quality LED Flexible Strip Lighting, check out LovoFlex™ LED Flexible Strip Lighting by Prism Lighting Group™.