Lighting for your Exhibit

Don’t Overlook Lighting for your Exhibit
Monday, May 28th, 2018

Lighting has historically been a “necessary evil” for tradeshow managers because the expense of managing fragile hardware (glass, gases, hot filaments, etc.) and it was riddled with challenges such packing, I&D, assembly, easily damaged and electrical challenges.  In the past, lighting required a significant amount of electricity which needs to be rented at every show. This all adds up increasing the cost of exhibit ownership, so when exhibit managers look for ways to be within budget… lighting is one of the components that can be overlooked.

LED has simplified lighting challenges as it is extremely durable, compact, and easy to assemble and many times packs permanently with exhibit components (no assembly required). One of the greatest benefits of LED is energy savings as it uses up to 90% Less Electricity than traditional lighting. Exhibit Managers can be heroes to their customers by incorporating state of the art LED Lighting, adding a new dimension to their exhibit and saving valuable budget dollars at the same time!

LED light has truly changed the trade show booth experience in many creative ways. From proper lighting look (color temperature) to enhancing graphics/product, and finishing with special effects such as animating with light. No longer does the exhibitor have to rely on existing venue lighting at the convention hall, or static yellow hot halogen lighting, costing hundreds of dollars to rent electricity. When doing multiple shows annually, savings on power and labor allows budget dollars to be allocated in others areas, or simply reducing costs.

LED offers greater control with achieving the preferred light. If the exhibitor wants interactive color changing or color temperature control, LED lighting allows for this.  Most recently rechargeable battery technology combined with low wattage LED lighting, an exhibitor in no longer bound by the extension cord and high cost of running underfloor power. Flexibility with incorporating creative stand-alone lighting effects allows the creative process to step outside the box.

With all these great benefits of LED lighting for exhibits, lighting should never be overlooked.

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