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PAL25XL is The Future of LED Arm Lights
Monday, January 9th, 2017

The innovative PAL25XL LED Display Arm is the next generation series of arm lights with the emphasis on faster installation, wire management and natural LED light using Hi CRI Technology. By using AC/DC Rectification Technology, the PAL25XL does not require an external power supply and can link together 11 arm lights… That’s right, 11 lights! Plus, one power strip can supply power to up to 6 sets of 11 arm lights for a total of 66 PAL25XL LED Display Arm Lights on one electrical outlet. That’s beyond any other arm light currently on the market. This provides huge electrical and labor savings, during installation and dismantle, and ease of inventory control.

The PAL25XL produces a beautiful bright light with no radiant heat. It also provides a bright light equal to 250 watts halogen, yet only uses 25Watts of power which is 90% more efficient than traditional arm lights. This bright white LED light (4500k) has a wide beam spread for an even wash of light and with an LED at 90+ CRI it will produce a true natural white light onto branded booth graphics and merchandise.

With a streamlined design, the PAL25XL is aesthetically pleasing to match its superb performance. It’s 21” long from end to end, the light head is 7” W x 3”H x 1”D, and the arm stem is 14”L x 3/8” D. This groundbreaking light has an intelligently engineered heat sink to absorb energy (heat) on the backside while the front lens stays cool to the touch.

You can add an optional “barn door” light deflector for controlled light direction, add a colored gel sheet for adding a splash of color to your lighting, or add a warm light filter to soften the light. In addition, the Prism Original designed arm light base is reinforced with a study Prism metal universal slide base plate designed to fit Prism brackets and the most common fastening hardware in the industry.

We feel this is our best arm light to date and we hope you will see the benefits that the PAL25XL has to offer.