LovoFlex LED Strip Lighting

Introducing the LovoFlex Series of LED Flexible Strip Lighting
Monday, May 15th, 2017

Introducing the most innovative and advanced LED Flexible Strip Lighting product in the market, the LovoFlex LED series by Prism Lighting Group™.

Only the highest grade materials are used in manufacturing the LovoFlex LED Series from the PCB board to the adhesive tape.

We use thicker 4oz copper on our PCB board which offers better heat dissipation that increases the life of the LED and ensures that each LED on the run is equally as bright.  That’s up to 2 to 3 times the amount copper than inferior quality products.

Prism incorporates top-tier authentic premium LED chips with a High CRI rating for superb color reflection. Excellent color consistency is achieved by using a tighter binning process which also produces more light yet uses less power. Prism offers voltage control and constant current control LED Strip Lighting, allowing for some models to run continuously up to 65ft and 50ft powered at one end… with no light loss.

All Lovoflex Strip lighting uses Authentic “Tesa” double sided adhesive tape on the bottom side, to secure LovoFlex strip lighting to almost any non-porous surface material. Tesa Tape has high bonding strength, stress compensating quality, along with being heat and weather resistant.

Prism uses an Eco Safe Lead-Free Soldering process called Hot Air Solder Leveling, to protect the environment and stabilize the welding pots for all LovoFlex LED Strip Lighting.

Manufactured for interior and exterior use, LovoFlex is able to fit in almost any location and provide lighting effects to meet the designers’ imagination.

LovoFlex is priced by the foot, so you purchase what is required, not forcing you to pay for 16-foot reels, no matter how much you actually need. LovoFlex™ is stocked in 100-foot reels, so you can order single lengths from 1 to 100 feet. LovoFlex varies in cutline options from 1, 2 and 4-inch sections.

LovoFlex is cULus Certified, eliminating any concerns with issues of regulations, and LovoFlex can be used with Prism’s high-quality accessory components to finish the job such as power supplies, color controllers and dimmers

Plus, you have the comfort of knowing there is an unprecedented 3yr and 5yr warranty on the LovoFlex Series and the assurance that all applicable components are provided from a single source you can always rely on… Prism Lighting Group™