Prism Lighting Group™ introduces the new and improved FC Quick Connect Cable System for LED lighting. The FC Fast Connect Cable System offers a secure cabling connection system, using barrel end caps that are designed to be chased through the tightest openings. It has a single standardized plug design to avoid any mix-up, offering seamless Plug N’ Play connections from LED light fixture to power supply and various LED controllers.

• No Limitations to lighting Configurations!
• Seamless Plug N’ Play Connection System
• Voltage Range from 1Vdc – 24Vdc
• 2-Wire & 4-Wire FC Cabling
• 2-Point & 6-Point Splitters
• Offered in Five Different Lengths, from 1.5 Ft. to 16 Ft. Long
• Extension Cables Available in 3ft, 6ft, 10ft and 16ft Lengths
• FC Cabling offers 20% Increased Power Load (Compared to conventional barrel connectors)

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