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Tips for Exhibit Lighting

Top 5 Tips for Exhibit Lighting
Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Are you creating a new exhibit booth? Lighting is often overlooked when designing the exhibit so make sure you it’s on your to-do list.

Don’t let your booth get lost in a sea of booths when exhibiting at a trade show. Here’s how to use LED lighting to attract customers to your booth.

  1. Choose the correct White light for your exhibit. With yellow halogen lighting still being the majority of lighting, having a natural white light will make you stand out in a sea of booths. With LED you can achieve a Hi CRI (Color Rendering Index) for a pure white light that will not change the colors printed in your graphics or your product colors.
  2. Draw Attention. LED Lighting can be programmed to create motion, color changing and sequential patterns. Each one of these features brings attention to the exhibit space, which will act as a magnet to attract the attendee and beckon them to step into to booth space. It’s a cost-effective option to make your booth stand out, when you have subtle light changing effects, you truly draw attention. You can create your companies pantones with LED programmable lighting. It’s not just graphics that will get your message across, your company colors will too.
  3. Add accent lighting. Accent lighting acts as a way to frame a graphic or structure. Think of it as adding a nice frame to a painting instead of putting a bare painting on a wall without a nice trim, you can use the halo lighting effect, Toe Kick lighting on counters or accent lighting around video monitors.
  4. Use Uplighting. It can be used to either light up the lower section of a display wall or create a visual effect that completes the overall look for the exhibit design. Uplighting is a great alternative for booths without structural walls to mount lights on too.
  5. Check the quality of the LED. Many LED options available and trying to be sure that what you are purchasing is going last. Cheaper priced/grade LED lights do not tend to last. Keep in mind the ROI with your booth when selecting LED Lighting.

Never underestimate the impact of good lighting makes. By using good lighting you can enhance the exhibit environment and bring attention to the marketing message. Remember… Good lighting can make an exhibit look awesome and bad lighting can make a nice exhibit look terrible. It isn’t cheap to participate in a trade show, you will truly draw attention with investing in the right light for your exhibit.

Have an Exhibt Lighting Challenge? We can help you find a solution. Talk to a lighting expert today to discuss your project.

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