PAL25S, 25W

Friday, March 8th, 2013

The PAL30S [now the award-winning PAL25S] is another Signature Product creation from the R&D team at Prism.

We have created the first LED display arm light utilizing LED’s that do not require an internal or external power supply.  The power supply in conventional display lights has been an issue when it comes to wire management or in cases of multiple display lights in a booth or exhibit, where do we hide the power supplies?

In addition, typically each display arm light requires one external power supply per light, in applications with multiple lights it can make dealing with all those power supplies difficult.

The PAL30S not only eliminates the need for a power supply but we have also addressed the issue of being able to plug from one PAL25S display arm light to the next (typical term is daisy chaining), so you only require one outlet for every 8 lights in the string.  So if you have a back wall situation with multiple lights you simply plug the power cord into the outlet provided at the show, and plug in the first light, then take the coupler cables and plug from the first light to the second and so on.

The PAL30S is 30 watts of high power LED luminescence, with an even wash of light that will not create hot spots on your graphics typical to most display arm lights that utilize high power LEDs.

The PAL30S will be available in 3 finishes, Black, Silver and White.

The PAL30S will include the universal base concept allowing you to have dozens of bracket choices.

Fully adjustable head and sleek design is another feature we have with the PAL30S.

No radiant heat from the LEDs (all the heat from the LED light energy is contained to the body of the PAL30S light head itself.  When standing directly under the light you will feel no heat at all, aiding to a comfortable booth environment.

The labor-saving aspect of installing the PAL30S is greater than that of conventional LED display lights because they have individual power supplies.

Prism is proud of our Patent Pending design and we hope you will see the true advantages that the PAL30S has to offer.

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