Aluminum Channel & Silicone Profile Extrusions

LED Aluminum and Silicone Profiles, also known as the LED channels, are designed to create a modern, clean, and complete look for LED strip lighting installation. The most common Aluminum Channel and Silicone Profiles are a click away. Select the extrusion below that you want for your design. We can customize the channel to fit your design. With our in-house technicians, we create a simple plug and play lighting system that will save you on installation costs and create a custom look that standard fixed lengths do not offer.

Prism has access to 1000’s of Aluminum or Silicone profile extrusions. If you do not see a model that meets your needs, please contact us and we will help you find the right extrusion for your lighting project.

All extrusions are sold by the foot at a maximum amount of 78″ and includes extrusion, lens, and mounting clips.

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