LOVO™SNAP Connectors

LovoFlex™ SNAP Connectors

Ready to use in a ‘Snap’! The most secure solderless connection system for LED lighting products in the industry! LovoFlex SNAP Connectors are made to accept various LED diodes, widths (8mm and 10mm), and thicknesses of flexible LED flexible strips such as FPC (IP20) and Weatherproof (IP65). By using LovoFlex FC to SNAP Connectors, your LED Lighting requirements are easier and faster to complete.

• Designed for 2-wire single color and 4-wire RGB color changing LovoFlex LED Strips
• Quick and Easy to Complete Lighting Projects
• Secure Solderless Cable Connection
• No Soldering Tools Required for Assembly
• Align the LovoFlex Copper Connectors with Matching Coded Copper Claws
• Snap it Closed with Lock-Down Side Clips
• Support all LovoFlex LED Flexible Strip Lighting and Most Other LED Strip Lighting Types

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