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Professional Lighting Design

Ottawa Convention (Shaw) Centre: bbb Architects Ottawa, PCL Constructors Lighting by MCLD (Bruce Meiklejohn, Senior Designer) Photo by Bruce Meiklejohn

What is the Value of Having a Lighting Design Professional as Part of your Project Team? 

Access to a lighting design professional will ultimately help you design a better product and integrated lighting solution for your customers. Having an architect-trained lighting designer at your fingertips will add in-house expertise on an as-needed per-project basis, without being an on-going overhead cost. The added creativity, flexibility, and synergy through innovative design ideas and technologies will take the guesswork out of your design and fabrication processes. This integral service can provide your company with a unique opportunity to better serve your existing clients and market to new ones. We will do this by adding value to brand image, marketability, and sales through novel, clever, and interesting ways of integrating light into your designs and end products in realizing clients’ visions.

At Prism Lighting Group™, we believe that high quality LED lighting products and thoughtful comprehensive and detail-oriented design make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to have partnered with Bruce Meiklejohn, now Principal of LightInForm Design, a professional lighting design firm with over 15 years’ experience in the architectural lighting and design industry. The ability of Bruce Meiklejohn to consistently deliver creative, technically sound lighting design solutions for repeat clientele has earned them a solid reputation for quality paired with multiple industry awards.

If you want ideas or support on a lighting idea that might work specifically for your customers’ needs, Bruce Meiklejohn can help infuse and realize that vision. By choosing Prism Lighting Group™ and Bruce Meiklejohn as your full-service lighting design and LED lighting providers, you are guaranteed to find the experience, expertise, design sense, and products that your lighting project deserves. This value-added approach may be just what you need to create the winning bid for that RFP as you add value for your clients!