Connectors & Cabling

Prism Lighting Group™ introduces the new and improved FC Quick Connect Cable System for LED lighting. With ease of use, I&D labor savings and true positive connection as the driving force, the FC connecting system is another example of Prism striving to provide the best LED Lighting Products for exhibits, retail, commercial and special lighting projects.

The FC Connecting system works with voltage range from 1 – 24Vdc and has the ability to handle more power than traditional low voltage barrel design connectors used in the industry. The Streamline Shape of the Connector is designed to fit and slide through your mill work with ease as well as tight openings without the worry of getting disconnected. With our molded design, no worries about pulling out wiring from the connector body when disconnecting during dismantle . Offered in five different lengths, from 18” long to 16 Ft, along with 2-way and 6-way splitters. There are no limitations to lighting configurations!

The FC Connector cable system offers superior features such as compact streamlined shape, secured “snap” fit caps, and 20% increased power load (compared to conventional barrel connectors), making it the very best in the industry. The conventional barrel connector has over 20 barrel configurations, a true recipe for disaster on site. The FC connector has 1 configuration, seamless plug and play from power supply to light. Producing a cable connection system that is easier and faster to use is just another reason why Prism Lighting Group™ is the innovation leader in the LED Lighting World.

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