Expert Installation Services

8×10 Luxor Lightbox A – Exhibit Fair

The foundation of Prism’s expert installation team is comprised of experienced electricians that have worked in the exhibit, event and commercial display industry for many years, offering a strong electrical and lighting background. Our team includes a professional lighting architect, an engineer, a lighting programmer and a team of experienced electronic technicians. At Prism Lighting Group™, we make quality services a top priority and our team of experts have won numerous awards in the industry. They have also been the first to create many innovative LED lighting products that have changed the landscape of exhibit lighting.

At Prism Lighting Group™, we know your needs are unique and that every exhibit display and trade show booth is different and offers a unique set of challenges – but we are always up for a challenge! With our technical expertise, we can tackle virtually any installation project. Consulting with our customers to help solve their problems is what we’re great at.

“You always come through for us. It seems no matter what we want, you are able to pull it off and that goes a long way in our line of work. It is always a pleasure working with you guys and I look forward to our next project together.”

Brent Allen Project Manager, The Taylor Group.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that can provide top of the line products with unparalleled installation expertise, Prism is the place to go. We specialize in unique installation environments and have completed many large and small scale projects for customers in almost every industry you can think of. No other lighting supplier has the background and installation service experience that we offer at Prism Lighting Group™. Want to know more about our installation services? Contact us today!