Innovations & Awards

Prism’s Lighting Innovations

Innovation Awards

We lead the market with innovative firsts:

  • 1st to create an LED arm light ‎as bright as the age-old 200 watt halogen display arm light
  • 1st to create an AC LED display arm light (2013 Buyers Choice Award winner)
  • 1st to create an arm light with inlet and outlet mounted in the base
  • 1st to create Power supply designed to provide power to multiple LED arm lights
  • 1st to create a telescopic halogen and LED light stand
  • 1st to create a battery-powered LED display arm light (2015 Buyers Choice Award winner)
  • 1st to create a battery pack specific to lighting a tradeshow booth (2014 Buyers Choice Award winner)
  • 1st to design LED down lights with current drivers built into the light, allowing for multiple led down lights to be powered by one low voltage power supply, eliminating the need for external drivers per light.
  • 1st to create the LMS cabinet, a mobile LED showroom designed specifically for the trade show industry that rolls from the design studio into the production shop.
  • 1st to create the smallest plug and play connector system for our LED lighting products

Lighting Product Awards

Prism has won Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice Awards three years in a row. Can any other trade show lighting supplier say this?

PAL25S, 25W

2013 – PAL25S AC LED Display Arm Light
World’s first LED arm light without a transformer offers users affordability, durability, energy-efficiency, along with savings in electrical and operating costs while producing 70% less heat than traditional lighting.

  • 25 watt bright white (5000k) AC LED light equal to that of 250 watt halogen
  • Built-in light reflector for controlled light direction
  • Intelligently engineered heat sink to absorb energy
  • Universal slide extrusion base to fit most types of fastening brackets and clamps

SGS 220-12V

2014 – Show Battery “Portable Power in a Box”
A Li-ion battery capable of powering 72 watts of LED light (equal to 600 watts of halogen) for up to 18hrs (voltage regulated LED) on a full charge‎.

  • Powerful enough to light your entire booth
  • Small enough to fit in an island display
  • Full charge in only 10 hours (or less depending on use)
  • Use any regular outlet plug to recharge, e.g. overnight at your hotel
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation

Showbattery Show6 Kit

2015 – SHOW6 Kit
A revolutionary new turnkey solution that enables you and your clients to drastically reduce electrical power costs at events.

  • 6 watt LED arm light powered for up to 22 hours
  • Portable Li-ion battery gives design flexibility – no more sub-floor installs
  • Fast recharge time – full charge in only 6 hours
  • Quick and easy installation