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SGS6000 LED Light Stand Horizontal Rotation

Eco-Friendly, Rechargeable SGS-6000 LED Light Stand
Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Bring your own eco-friendly, rechargeable LED light stand to your next event! The SGS-6000 LED Battery-Powered Light Stand is a long-lasting, powerful light that can illuminate your space without ever needing traditional electric power.

The SGS-6000 Battery LED Light Stand offers you independent lighting control with the flexibility of placing the light source wherever you need it. With the ability to select 3 color temperatures (warm, natural and pure white) instantaneously and control light intensity with a dial dimmer, you can customize the desired lighting effect unlike any other light stand in the market.

The SGS-6000 LED Light Stand assembles without tools and is ready for action in seconds! It’s quick & easy to install and ready to turn on without waiting for traditional power installation. Plus, you can place it wherever you want with no limitations due to running electric power to it. The SGS-6000 is the first self-contained Battery LED Light Stand in the trade shows and exhibit industry. The light stand can be setup in any location with no concern of running power cords that may create a tripping hazard or the expense to hire labor to run power cords to outlets.

The fact that the SGS-6000 is free standing light source means there is no need for fastening brackets, mounting clamps, or custom light holders to contend with. Each light fixture can be fully charged within 10 hours (based on 5V2A) and can run up to 11 hours between charges, giving you quality lighting throughout most exhibiting hours.

Indoor, outdoor… it really doesn’t matter! With our IP65 ratings, SGS-6000 can be used for outdoor events especially where it can difficult or impossible to get traditional electrical power to the location. This gives you the ability to have quality lighting in the exhibit space well into the evening.

With so many features in one light, it doesn’t get any better than the SGS-6000 Battery-Powered LED Light Stand.

  • Convert to Horizontal or Vertical Profile
  • 11 – 100 Hours of Runtime* Between Charges
  • 3 Color Temperatures 3000K, 4000K & 6000K
  • Light Heads Tilt & Swivel
  • Telescopic Support Pole 4ft. to 8 ft. H
  • Dimmable Dial Control
  • Black & Silver Finish
  • Easy No Tools Assembly