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Features of PAL25XL LED Arm Lights

Top 10 Features of the PAL25XL LED Arm Light
Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

The PAL25XL is the next generation series of Prism Original certified LED display arm lights with amazing features that enhance exhibit environments. Check out the top 10 features that can benefit your display:

  1. Eliminates external power supply by using AC/DV Rectification technology.
  2. Reduces I&D labor cost and minimizing hardware components with extended linking capabilities of up 11 lights.
  3. Cost savings by using common components for all four applications and by not having to purchase numerous outlets.
  4. Uses energy efficient high quality LED technology which improves light quality while saving on electrical rental costs.
  5. Reduces cable congestion behind the booth by using one power strip that can supply power to up to 6 sets of 11 arm lights.
  6. Achieves natural lighting by using a Hi 90+ CRI bright white LED light (4500k) that has a wide beam spread for an even wash of light.
  7. Ease of exhibit set-up with universal slide plate to accept most common fastening brackets.
  8. Improves cable management and reduces inventory by using display lights that never need external power supplies and only require power cables.
  9. Streamlined design with longer light fixture head to reduce the amount of lights needed.
  10. Engineered heat sink to absorb energy (heat) on the backside eliminates the need for a cooling fan and eliminates mechanical failure rate.

Bring the future of LED lighting to your exhibit display!