We at Prism Tradeshow Lighting are proud of the LED lighting products we have introduced into the Trade show industry, we feel that it is our years of experience as electricians on the show floor servicing the exhibitor that we know what it takes to not only help save exhibitors money when participating in a trade show but also create quality LED lighting products specific to this industry, that makes installation that much easier. Prism Tradeshow Lighting is not a reseller, every product goes through our technical team to make sure it fits the plug and play world of trade shows. Check out our list of first.

We lead the market with innovative firsts:

1st to create an LED arm light ‎as bright as the age-old 200 watt halogen display arm light.
1st to create an AC LED display arm light (2013 Buyers Choice Award winner).
1st to create an arm light with inlet and outlet mounted in the base.
1st to create Power supply designed to provide power to multiple LED arm lights.
1st to create a telescopic halogen and LED light stand.
1st to create a battery-powered LED display arm light (2015 Buyers Choice Award winner).
1st to create a battery pack specific to lighting a tradeshow booth (2014 Buyers Choice Award winner).
1st to design LED down lights with current drivers built into the light, allowing for multiple led down lights to be powered by one low voltage power supply, eliminating the need for external drivers per light.
1st to create the LMS cabinet, a mobile LED showroom designed specifically for the trade show industry that rolls from the design studio into the production shop.
1st to create the smallest plug and play connector system for our LED lighting products.

We are trade show lighting.

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