MT96 LED Telescopic Light Stand

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The MT96 – LED 4-HEAD LED Light Stand offers incredible bright light from a single location. With 880+ Watts of Light (halogen equal), yet only requiring 96 Watts of energy, the MT96 LED truly stands alone. The sturdy, free-standing, telescopic light stand offering tremendous lighting flexibility with easy mobility  and takes less than 2 minutes to assemble.

Four state-of-the-art 24W LED fixtures (200+watts each), mounted on a Vertical Post, are individually adjustable with 140 degrees tilt and almost 360 degrees rotation. The 4-head light bar fits onto a telescopic support pole that is height adjustable from 4 ft. to 8 Ft. high. The Support Pole has a concealed retractable power cord for ease of adjust ability. The MT96 Light Stand is stable with a heavy duty powder coated metal base.

The MT96 Provides same level of lighting as 800+ watts of halogen but is significantly cooler, safer and uses a fraction of energy typically needed for such a bright light.

A Signature LED lighting product designed, engineered, and built by Prism.

cCSAus Certified for North America (Buyer Beware, if a product that uses 120V conventional power does not have UL, ETL, CSA or TUV certification it is illegal to use in North American Trade Shows).

Product Specifications

•Input voltage is 120-240V
•96 watts (equal to 800w of halogen light)
•4-24W LED fixtures attached (2 fixture model available)
•6000+ Lumens
•Color temperature of 4500K +-5%,
•Metal Fixture Head
•Powder coated in Chrome silver finish
•Pole is telescopic and its range is 4' to 8'
•Pole is made of aluminum and has 3 sections and 2 clamps
•Pole screws into 12" x ½” steel base
•Base is laser cut and powder coated for a durable finish
•The notch in the base is to allow light stand to fit around drape pole at the front of booth
•Light stand has three pieces - pole, light head and base. It is very easy to transport
•Pole is shipped in a rigid cardboard tube and LED light head and base fit into a box of 20"x12"x6"
•CSA and CSAu certified

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