SHOW12 Battery Power LED Arm Light

Product Description

THE REVOLUTIONARY SHOW12 LED LIGHT & BATTERY KIT Showbattery™ is the award-winning product that is changing the Exhibit industry. As LED lights get brighter and more efficient the need for conventional electricity is eliminated. We have devised a lithium ion battery capable of powering LED light for up to 8+ hours and best of all we have combined this with our newly designed 12 watt LED arm lights to bring you a complete turnkey solution, powerful enough to light your entire booth. Exhibitors can now save on electrical costs and control the lighting in their booth environment.

Lithium Ion batteries are safe to ship as long as all the certifications and approvals are in order, at Prism Lighting Group™ our battery lighting products are safe for not only shipping but also for your trade show exhibit.

cCSAus Certified for North America (Buyer Beware, When purchasing lithium Ion battery powered lighting you want to know that all the safety certifications are in order, you should be looking for UL, ETL, CSA or TUV certifications when purchasing your next battery lighting system. Make sure UN38.3 shipping documentation is available and up to date, make sure that the company is certified for shipping Lithium Ion batteries by air and ground and the MSDS Data sheets are readily available.


Product Specifications

SHOW 12 – 1 light Kit
12 watt LED arm light (Approx. 1000lm output)
4500-5000K Color Temperature
24V Li-ion battery 100 watts dims. 5” x 3” x 2.5” (2.5mm female connector on the battery)
Last 8+ hours
25 watt quick charger 6 hours
X bracket
10ft (3m) cable
cCSAus Certified for North America

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Tradeshow Display Systems
  • P.O.P and Product Displays
  • Hanging Signage
  • Kiosks, Showrooms and Galleries
  • Truss Structures
  • Tension Fabric and Metal Extrusion Systems

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