LED 3-Head Track Light System

Product Description

LEL72 LED 3-Head Track System

A unique 3-Head 72 Watt LED all-in-one track light system that is brighter than 600 Watts of halogen with significantly less heat. Specially designed for tradeshow display systems, this all-in-one fixture is an ideal replacement to labor-intensive 4ft track with individual light fixtures to attach and screw-in lamps. With the LEL72 Track System, there are no fixture heads to attach, no lamps to change, no power supplies to trip over, as the all-in-one LEL72 System LED Track Light is self-contained and so easy to install, it will instantly add value to your exhibiting experience.

An even, pure white light (5000K); ideal for showcasing products such as; jewelry, apparel, graphics, arts & crafts, etc. Three state-of-the-art 24W LED fixtures are mounted on a sturdy cross bar and each one is individually adjustable with 140 degree tilt and almost 360 degree rotation features. Once in position the lamps stay securely in place. The 3-Head all-in-one track light system has mounting hooks for hanging from top edge of display wall for down-lighting or can be placed on the floor for up-lighting. No external driver is needed and track light systems can be linked together.

Copied by many, but none can compare with quality and performance, as the LEL72 LED 3-Head Track System is the “Real McCoy”. PAL24XL, another Signature Series LED lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Tradeshow Lighting.

cCSAus Certified for North America

A Prism Original LED lighting product designed, engineered, and built by Prism Tradeshow Lighting



Product Specifications

Samsung SMD LED's
Input Voltage of 120/240V
72 watts
2-24W LED fixtures attach to metal T-box, with inlet plug inserted into T-box
Fully-adjustable heads; for down and/or up lighting
Pole is aluminum with 3 sections and 2 clamps
3000+ Lumens
Color temperature of 4500K +-5%
120V inlet plug replacing attached cord
Powder coated chrome silver finish (Finish colors can be customized)
Metal fabricated fixture box
Longer lasting than halogen lamps
More durable than halogen lamps
cCSAus Certified for North America

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Rental Lighting
  • Booth Lighting
  • Jewelry Shows

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