Product Description

The NEW PAL25XL-EXT LED Display Arm Light is Prism’s next-generation series of certified LED display arm lights. PAL25XL-EXT LED Display Arm Light offers the same performance features as our standard PAL25XL Arm Light and made with a Longer Arm Stem (+8”) for taller product / laden display panels. PAL25XL-EXT LED Display Arm Light does not require an external power supply through AC/DC Rectification Technology, eliminating a cumbersome transformer hanging off the power cord. In addition, the NEW PAL25XL-EXT has linking capability as you can daisy chain up to 11 arm lights in a row using 6.5’ coupler cables. In addition, the PAL25XL-EXT has a Hi 90+ CRI rating, producing a beautiful natural white light (4500k) with minimal radiant heat. With the new streamlined lightweight design, the PAL25XL-EXT is aesthetically pleasing to complement its superior performance.

PAL25XL Extended LED Arm Light, another Original Series Lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Lighting Group.

Product Specifications

Product Number 4000-PAL25XL-EXT-xxFIN
AC Outlet Socket: 120V
Power Consumption (W): 25 Watts
Power Cord: 10ft
Lumens: 2400lm
Lumens: 2400lm
Base: Reinforced Metal Slide Base
Measurements: Total Length 29”, Arm Stem 20”
Light Head: 7”L x 3” H x 1.25”D
Light Source: Samsung High Power SMD LED
Finish (xxFIN): Silver (SLV) or Black (BLK)
Coupler Cable: 6.5ft
LED Color Temperature: 4500 K
Weight: 14 oz.
Certification: cTUVus
AC IN 120V operate of AC current: 0.22A ±tolerance 10%

Spec Sheet