PAL6, 6 Watt LED Display Light

Product Description

PAL6 LED Banner Arm Light

This lightweight LED arm light is the mighty mite of all banner lights in the marketplace.

Have you been searching for a lightweight banner light that is actually bright enough for your banner stand, tabletop display or small kiosk? If so, you are going to love the Industry’s First LED Wall Wash Banner Light that creates a brilliant pure white light equaling 75 Watts halogen, yet only uses 6 Watts of power.

The PAL6 is no ordinary banner light, as all others use a light that fits into a socket. The most common are MR16 style lamps that are spot lights and generate a tight teardrop beam spread, creating uneven light coverage. The PAL6 offers an even pure white wall wash generating 700 lumens of light as the head has 12 LED modules fused to a PCB panel behind a protective clear lens. Don’t worry about bulbs breaking or lamps falling off, as you never have to replace the LED light on the PAL6.

The elegant and streamlined design features of PAL6 are a welcome addition to any display. The light fixture is hinged, allowing you to tilt the beam spread to where you want it.  And with the built-in heat sink, the fixture never gets hot, keeping the front lens cool to the touch.  The PAL6 is amazingly lightweight, as it weighs less than 8 oz. and the base has a universal slide extrusion to accept the most common brackets in the industry.

The PAL6 LED Banner Arm Light, another Signature Series LED lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Lighting Group.


Product Specifications

DC Output: 24V 0.3A
Power: 6 Watts
High Power LED rated at 700 lumens
Pure White LED Light at 5000k; (4500-5000K)
Dimensions: Head 2.5” W x 1.5” H Stem 15” Long
High Quality Samsung LED, rated at 20,000 hours
12 Pc. LED sealed onto PCB with protective lens cover
Hinged Light head, for tilting options
Ultra Light Fixture – as it weighs less than 8 oz
Universal Base accepts popular fastening brackets
Includes 10Ft power cord with power supply integrated into outlet plug

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Tradeshow Display Systems
  • P.O.P and Product Displays
  • Hanging Signage
  • Kiosks, Showrooms and Galleries
  • Truss Structures
  • Tension Fabric and Metal Extrusion Systems

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