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LUXOR120V LED Light Bars for Graphic Lightboxes
Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

LUXOR120 LED Light Bars take your graphics and lightboxes to the next level! With the ability to select 3 light intensities, daisy chain up to 30 LUXOR120s, and with no external or internal power supply needed, you will save on labor and cost without sacrificing brightness. Illuminating lightboxes has never been better with LUXOR120 LED Light Bars!

LUXOR120 LED Light Bars come complete with 3 selectable light intensities offering 3 choices of brightness. With your choice of brightness, you can illuminate any size lightbox; from 12’X12’ down to 3’X3’. This offers more control over your lightbox’s intensity. This provides more flexibility on the size of lightboxes the project calls for.

At 24 watts (max output), the LUXOR120 LED Light Bar is one of the brightest options available. You will save on lighting options when trying to illuminate sign boxes greater than 8’x8’ which is the largest size most light strips can go.  Plus, only two of four sides need to be lined up with 120V Luxor Strips which offers significant savings in lighting hardware. With larger sign boxes, LUXOR120 LED Light Bars saves on labor and materials therefore proving significant savings in cost.

Showcase graphics by evenly illuminating the entire display with consistent brightness and eliminating hotspots with LUXOR120 LED Light Bars.  With its 10×70 built-in optical lens around each LED, LUXOR120 evenly distributes the light with a wide beam angle.

With LUXOR120, it does not require an internal or external power supply! Power Supplies for light strips can be an annoyance when creating and setting up lightboxes. It’s a challenge to hide power supplies externally as well as avoid creating shadowing when power supplies are mounted internally. Power supplies are also a common point of failure when operating a lightbox. The Luxor120 LED Light Bars to resolve these issues giving you easy-to-install, bright lighting solutions.

Luxor120 LED Light Bars offers a Simple and Safe “Plug and Play” lighting system, as each 120V Luxor strip has FC ’Fast Connect’ linking cables. No need to wire up connections between strips. Luxor-120 LED Light Bars have inlet plugs so you do not need wires connected to each strip. This offers the option to daisy chain up to 30 Luxor120s with 6-LEDs or 60 with Luxor120s with 3-LEDs.  That’s approximately 55 continuous running feet! Whereas the typical light strip option allows you to daisy chain up to a maximum of 6 strips in a row.

Luxor120 LEDs are encased in a durable plastic enclosure which offers a cleaner appearance and with no metal housing, minimizing the chance of electrical shock during installation.

The labor and material savings are significant! You will save on labor with its ability to daisy chain 30 light bars in a row and save on material with no power supply. For example, one needs six Class II power supplies to power 30 low voltage (24Vdc) light strips compared to zero power supplies for the LUXOR120 LED Light Bar. Easy connecting system coupled with no need for external power supplies increases savings of installation labor every step of the way.

No need to fill the back panel with lights, as LUXOR120 LED Light Bars are so efficient, as only lining two of fours sides with Luxor120 is all that’s needed. There are no limitations with Luxor-120 LED Light Bars, as they can be used for single-side or double-sided graphics, SEG tension fabric or acrylic panels.