LUXOR120 LED Light Bars take your graphics and lightboxes to the next level! LUXOR120 gives you the option to select 3 light intensities, daisy chain up to 30 6 LED LUXOR120s (covering over 55 linear feet) and no external or internal power supplies required. With 50+% more light output compared to conventional low voltage models, you can illuminate any size lightbox; from 25’X12’ down to 3’X3’. You will save on labor installation and cost. LUXOR120s do not having the wiring limitations that similar low voltage options have. Illuminating lightboxes has never been better with LUXOR120 LED Light Bars!

  • No Power Supply Needed with Direct 120V
  • Choice of 3 Light intensities (High, Medium and Low settings)
  • Illuminate Larger Sign Boxes as Large as 25’x12’ and small as 3’X3’
  • Easy Connect Modules to daisy chain up to 30 pcs. Full size Light Bars
  • Easy-to-Install with LUXOR120 LED Light Bars Inlet Plugs
  • Powerful Light Output up to 50% more than conventional Low Voltage Models
  • Significant Savings on Labor, Materials and Inventory Control

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Product Specifications

Product Number 4420-LUX-120V65K-24/18/12W-6LED
Color Temperature 6500K
Voltage 120VDC
LED Quantity 6 LEDs
Wattage Power
100% Power - 24W +/- 10%
75% Power - 18W +/- 10%
50% Power - 12W +/- 10%
Linkability 30PCS Max
Operation Temperature 86°F (30°C)
CRI 80
Case Material Plastic
Cable Length 3 Meter, AWG18/ SVT, Female 2 hole, (option)
Lens Angle 10*70 Angle
LED Module Dimensions 455mm (17.9”)W x 23mm (0.9”)H x 15 (0.6”)D
Rated Life 50,000 Hours
AC Input Socket Male (2 Pin), 120Vac , 2PIN, MAX 7A
AC Output Socket Female (2 Pin), 120Vac , 2PIN,MAX 7A
AC IN 120V Operate of AC Max current 0.21A
AC Cord UL 1-15P PLUG, 2PIN, 125V/10A
Intensity Adjustable Switch 100%, 75% 50%
IP Rating IP20
Certification cTUVus (UL Compliant)
Luminous Flux Max 2400 Lm ±tolerance 10%
AC Input 120Vac/60Hz, Max 24Watt
Case Dimensions 482mm (19”)W x 30.5mm (1.2”)H x 20 (0.8”)D
Warranty 3 Years

Spec Sheet