2.25 Watts/ft LovoFlex LED Strip Lighting


Product Description

LovoFlex LED Strip Lighting 2.25 Watts/ft is a versatile strip that offers the highest level of brightness in the Prism range. At 2.25W/ft and 24Vdc and made with top-tier authentic premium Epistar SMD LEDs on a flexible PCB strip, the will suit almost all strip applications. They are designed for interior and exterior use, the flexibility allows for bending and twisting in just about any direction imaginable. All strips are easily installed with authentic TESA double sided tape mounted on the backside of the flexible PCB ribbon. The Prism range of LED flexible strips will work with our Dimmer Controller to achieve more effects.

Non-waterproof strip ribbon can be cut every 3 LEDs at 4″ or 10cm length – a clearly-marked line shows exactly where to cut. Pairs of indicated solder points provide great contact for attaching/soldering wires – each cut section is indicated with a + sign for positive and a –  sign for negative.

LovoFlex™ LED Strip Lighting series uses Tesa Tape, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products since 1936.

***Almost all  Prism Lighting Group LOVOFLEX™ LED Flexible Strip and MTO (Made To Order) Rigid strips is sold by the Foot, not by the 5M reel. Our Flexible ribbon is available in bulk Purchasing up to 25M or 82ft reels. Our Rigid Aluminum Profile also sold by the foot, is also available up to 78″ (2M) lengths.***

Product Specifications

Spec Sheet

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