SGS-6000 LED Battery-Powered Light Stand

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Bring your own eco-friendly, rechargeable LED light stand to events & trade shows! The SGS-6000 LED Battery-Powered Light Stand is a long-lasting, powerful light that can illuminate your space without ever needing traditional electric power.

The SGS-6000 Battery LED Light Stand offers you independent lighting control with the flexibility of placing the light source wherever you need it, along with savings on the high-cost of trade show electric rental fees. Customize the color temperature of light to your desired effect with choice 3 color temperatures (warm, natural and pure white) along with controlling light intensity with a dimming dial.

The SGS-6000 LED Light Stand assembles without tools and is ready for action in seconds! You can place it wherever you want with no limitations due to running electric power to it.  It is quick & easy to install and ready to turn on without waiting for traditional power installation. You’ll never have to worry about power cords creating tripping hazards or paying for labor to run cords under carpets/flooring and to outlets. Plus, there’s no need for fastening brackets, mounting clamps, or custom light holders to contend with.  All you need is the self-contained SGS-6000 Battery LED Light Stand!

With a streamlined design, the SGS-6000 Battery LED Light Stand is aesthetically pleasing to match its superb performance. The support pole is telescopic, lightweight aluminum and can easily be adjusted from 4 Ft High to 8 Ft high, with easy to use locking sleeves. Each of the 4 rechargeable light heads are 17.6 Watts and 7.9” W x 3.5”H x 1.3”D, with two fixtures on each side of the SGS-6000 LED Light Stand. It’s stable at any height due to a heavy duty metal base, yet has a small footprint of 12”x 12” and takes up very little floor space.

The SGS-6000, another Original Signature Series LED lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Lighting Group. Putting you light years ahead of the competition! Our SGS-6000, like our other products, has cTUVus Certification for North America.

Product Specifications

Length: Pole: 4ft-8ft, 1.25” Dia,
Base: 12” x 12” x ½”
Light Head: 7.87” x 3.54” x 1.34” (200×90×34mm)
Weight: 28lbs (4 head model)
Lumens: 6000lm (4 lights)
Run Time: 11hrs (full charged) up to 100hrs on lowest dim setting
Charging Time: 10hrs max (from fully discharged)
Color Temperatures: 3000/4000/6000K (color temperature adjustable in each fixture)
Dimmable: Manual dimming adjustment on each fixture
Wattage: 70 W (4 lights)
Outdoor IP65 rated

Spec Sheet