Side View LED Neon Flexible Silicone LED Profile 12x20mm

Product Description

Side View LED Neon Flexible Silicone LED Profile is made from high-quality Silicone and is designed for flexible LED strips that are 8 – 10mm wide. Standard Silicone soft end caps and aluminum mounting clips are used for the extrusion as supplementary accessories. End caps protect the extrusion from dust and other undesirable elements, which can make LED strips dirty and consequently deteriorate the lighting parameters. The extrusion can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees easy and secure mounting of the extrusion to the desired surface. It can also be used as a connector between extrusions.

Prism’s LOVO™Flexible Silicone LED Profile is a great option for a NEON lighting effect. It can be used indoor or outdoor as accent lighting. It works great with our LOVO™Flex LED Strips including White, Red, Green, Blue, RGB, and many more options available.
*Customize Neon Strip with your choice of LOVOFLEX LED white or RGB Strip Lighting.
**Almost all Prism Lighting Group Extrusion LED profiles are sold by the Foot.

Product Specifications

IP Rating IP67
Available lengths Max 50m, standard 5m/reel.
Material Body – Silicone tube, end cap –silicone, mounting bracket-aluminum
Lighting Transmittance Opal Cover, 50%.
Temperature range 30~+100℃
UV stability Ageing resistance more than 3 years
Heat stability Under 100℃
Manufacturing tolerances ±0.5mm

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting effects