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Perfect Lighting Solution for Your Lightboxes
Saturday, July 20th, 2019

The perfect lighting solution for backlighting lightboxes starts with Luxor G2 Hi-Power LED Light Strips. With superb light output, Luxors evenly illuminate a lightbox up to 10 feet wide making them perfect for almost any size graphic. Pure white light is evenly distributed throughout your graphics without hot spots or shadows. There are no limitations with Luxor G2 Hi-Power LED Light Strips, as you can use them for single-side or double-sided graphics, tension fabric or acrylic panels.

Luxor puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing backlit graphics. You can build the lightbox to the size your project calls for. No need to conform to standard lightbox dimensions, as Luxor can be custom fit to your design specifications!

perfect solution for lightboxes

  • Evenly Illuminate a Lightbox up to 10 Feet Wide
  • ​Luxor Strips Fasten onto only 2 Inside Walls of a Lightbox Frame
  • Designed For Single-Side or Double-Sided Graphics
  • Precision Optical Lenses allows for Even Distribution of Light
  • Bright White Light Evenly Distributed throughout Your Graphics
  • Ideal for SEG Tension Fabric or Traditional Acrylic Panels
  • Easy Installation when used with Prism’s FC ‘Fast Connect’ Cabling System
  • Linking Capabilities for Easy Daisy Chain Installation
  • 60% More Power than our Original Luxor LED Light Strip
  • ​Easy-to-Use, Safe and Cost-Effective Lighting Solution
  • Perfect for Tradeshow Exhibits, Lobbies, Museums and Showrooms

If your next project requires backlit graphics, Luxors are the perfect solution. Contact us to learn more about our Luxor G2 LED Rigid Strips. If you’re ready to try Luxor, we will be happy to send you samples to try out!