PAL24XL, 24W

Our Signature PAL24 LED display arm light has set a new bench mark for others to follow; it’s the brightest, whitest, most durable and most even light source when compared to others on the market.

BRIGHT – At only 24 watts, the PAL24’s light output is equal to that of the 200 watt halogen, the most common and brightest halogen display arm light in the trade show industry (no one else can claim this). The 200 watt halogen has been banned in many trade show venues in cities like Las Vegas and Chicago. Venues in Florida and California are also considering implementing the ban.

WHITE – When creating the PAL24 we made sure that the typical bluish white LED was NOT used (most competitor LED display arm lights do use it). Our research showed that exhibitors wanted a pure white light. The yellow light from halogen changes the look of their graphics but our white light actually enhances the colors in their products and graphics. It also creates a more inviting booth environment, and its white glow is a welcome change from the majority of yellow halogen light booths.

DURABLE – No bulbs to change. A common complaint with the halogen bulb is how easily they burn out or how delicate the filament is. When you’re setting up your lights, sometimes just hours before a show opens, you don’t want to find out a bulb doesn’t work, especially in a strange city with no idea where to purchase a replacement. Your LED PAL24 will last because it’s durable.

EVEN – An even wash of light was an important factor in the design of the PAL24. Most competitors are using high power LED’s thinking that is the way to go, but all that does is create a very bright spot in the centre of the light beam.

LESS HEAT – Heat from a halogen light is an issue for booth attendees and exhibitors. One of the many reasons the PAL24 is so popular is that there is literally no radiant heat, which means a very comfortable booth environment.

The PAL24 is only 24 watts, 4500k, 24V and comes in black, silver and white finishes. Universal base with dozens of clips, clamps and brackets to choose from.

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