New Product LovoSlim

Introducing the LovoSlim 12-in-1 LED Recessed Light
Thursday, March 14th, 2019

LovoSlim is the first 12-in-1 LED recessed light that gives you the ability to select 3 popular color temperatures (Warm White, Natural White and Pure White), 4 trim Finish colors and fully dimmable, all for the same fixture! LovoSlim Recessed LED Lighting System has an emphasis on faster connection, safe working voltage, streamlined wire management and energy efficient LED lighting. Controlling LED Lighting has never been easier with the LovoSlim 12-in-1 LED Recessed Lighting System!

LovoSlim Recessed lights accept interchangeable trim covers offering Four finish colors that are easy to change out any time (Black, Brushed Nickle, Silver, & Paintable White)! With these fixtures, Prism Lighting Group™ incorporates innovative magnetic attachment technology for easy change out of trim finishes, adding flexibility and value to your investment. The Magnetic Trim options make it simple to change out from one exhibit design to the next. With the Paintable magnetic trim option, designers will love that the trim finish colors are endless.

Select the color temperature for your environment with LovoSlim’s color temp. changing switch. You can choose from three popular color temperatures, warm white, natural white, and pure white. Not only can you change the color temperature, LovoSlim Recessed LED Lights are fully dimmable from 0 to 100% and compatible with most low voltage PWM dimmers and controllers.


The innovative Prism Dimmable inline driver offers choice of light intensity using a wall switch, a wireless remote, or even an app. By incorporating Prism’s Lovo Smart Voice Control, you can operate our Lovo LED Recessed Lights with readily available products such as Alexa Plus and Google Home Voice Control.

LovoSlim requires 24Volt DC power supplies which allows our lights to be safe for installation, eliminate the potential for electric shock during installation and fire hazards when operating.

LovoSlim Recessed lights simplify the installation of LED recessed lights with our in/out Lovo FC “Fast Connect” cable system like no other recessed LED light fixture. With LovoSlim Recessed Lights, you can daisy chain up to 6 fixtures in a row and if more lights are needed, simply add multipoint connectors to link all the lights to a single power supply. You can install 6 Lovo Slim Recessed lights in the same time as it takes to hard wire 1 conventional light. No hard wiring required… just pop the light into place, connect the FC connectors to the power supply or dimmer control, and you are set! This provides huge electrical and labor savings during installation. The Lovo™ FC (Fast Connect) cable system makes installing and changing out fixtures easier and faster than ever!

LovoSlim Recessed light fixtures can adapt to any environment, from residential to commercial environments. Lovo Slim Recessed light fixtures are ideal for tradeshow exhibit structures and retail spaces, where easy and fast installation is paramount. The Lovo Slim Recessed light offers hundreds of lighting configurations to choose from for any design project!

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