How to Illuminate a Graphic Lightbox
Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Have a lightbox project and want to know the best solution for lighting it internally?  We can help! Just follow these basic steps for a square or rectangular lightbox up to 12’x12’

Here are 10 Easy Steps to Internally Illuminate a Graphic Lightbox.

  1. Use High Quality LED as your Lighting Product such as CREE, SAMSUNG, EPISTAR
  2. Use High-Quality LED Lighting Supplier as your resource.
    • The LUXOR Light Strips by Prism Lighting Group was created with high-quality parts to illuminate graphic lightboxes evenly.
  3. The lightbox can be as large as 12’x12’ and as small as 16” x 16”
  4. The lightbox frame needs to be at least 3-4 inches deep.
  5. Be sure internal space is sealed from light escaping
  6. Finish inside cavity of the lightbox in bright white color for best results
  7. Use High Power LED Light Strips to fasten to inside lightbox frame wall of the lightbox
    1. Only 2 of the 4 walls lined with light strips are needed
    2. Center the light strips on the width of the lightbox frame
    3. If 4” wide, fasten them at a 2-inch mark The two sides with light strips need to be parallel to each other (look at each other)
  8. Fill the entire length of the two inside walls with light strips
  9. Fasten Light strips to inside frame walls
    1. Screwed to frame with self-tapping screws or fastening screws provided by lightbox frame system
    2. Adhered to frame wall with high adhesive temperature rated Double-Sided Tape
  10. Link the Light Strips to a Power Supply and plug into a standard outlet
    • You can link both sides of light strips to a single power supply by using multi-point connectors and bridging cables

**Bonus Step**  Stand back and Watch your lightbox graphics burst with backlighting illumination!

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