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How LOVOSlim 12-in-1 Recessed Lights Will Change Your Life
Friday, October 11th, 2019

Controlling LED Lighting has never been easier with the LovoSlim 12-in-1 LED Recessed Lighting System. LovoSlim gives you the ability to select 3 popular color temperatures (Warm White, Natural White and Pure White), 4 trim Finish colors and fully dimmable, all for the same fixture. If this doesn’t impress you, here are some of the benefits of using the LOVOSlim for your next lighting project.

  1. Reduces cost of lighting inventory while increasing the number of lighting options for designers and builders
  2. Easy and safe to install through low voltage (24V) plug and play cabling and connectors reduce I&D labor cost
  3. Ability to control color temperature to adapt to client needs for different environments
  4. Multi-use flexibility design means it can be used for various applications
  5. Green Exhibiting Reduces your carbon footprint by using one power supply or driver for multiple LED recessed Lights, smaller gauge wire, and long-lasting, low wattage LED Lighting
  6. Energy efficiency with LED technology that uses less power yet produces more light
  7. Light Control options of a wall switch, a wireless remote, an app or even RF Voice control offers the choice of light intensity
  8. Designed to fit in tight spaces with low clearance, for convenient installation

With all these amazing features, the LOVOSlim LED Recessed Light is the perfect light for your next project. Contact us to order yours today.