M Series LED Dimming Controller

Product Description

Prism Lighting Group’s new series of RF controllers are based on the simplicity, one receiver technology that accepts RF signals from 7 different types of remote controllers, from RGBW 4CH control, workable for dimming, Color temperature, RGB and RGBW. The output power of receiver is also higher than most in this class, up to 480 Watts at 24Vdc.

With 4096 Shades of Grey scale (most on the market are the 256 scale), higher gray scale performance is more outstanding, the light is more gentle, dynamic changing modes become more rich and colorful.With innovative technology, one receiver is compatible with seven different functioning RF controllers (patent technology), that is one receiver can experience dimming, color temperature and RGB/RGBW control.

The M series RF controllers also come equipped with a sleek support that allows for the controller to be mounted to a wall or exhibit. With its slim profile, no need to have an expensive control switch cut in.

The M series control system had a lot of R & D invested in to it for its higher performance and creative design. Simple easy to us function and control has made it very popular with the designers who are looking for affordable solutions that have easy to use control.

Product Specifications

Model: PLG-M1 Dimming Remote
Working Voltage:3Vdc (battery CR2032)
Working Frequency:433.92MHz
Remote Distance:100ft
Working Temp:-30℃~55℃
Weight (N.W.): 42g
Model: PLG- M4-5A Receiver
Input Voltage:5-24Vdc
Current Load:5A×4CH Max 20A
Max Output Power:480W @ 24V, 240W @ 12V
Protection:Short circuit / Over-load
Working Temp:-30℃~55℃
Weight (N.W.): 125g

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Controlling the dimming of LED Lights

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