LOVOSNAP RGB Connector 4 Pin 12″ Bare Wire

Product Description

LOVO™SNAP Connectors by Prism Lighting Group are the most secure solderless connection system for LED Flexible Strip Lighting in the industry!

LOVO™SNAP Connectors support most LovoFlex LED Flexible Strip lighting are made to accept various LED diodes, widths (8mm or 10mm) and thicknesses (FPC IP20 / Waterproof IP65) of LED flexible strips.  SNAP Connectors are designed for 2-wire single color and 4-wire RGB color changing LED light strips.

SNAP connectors are very easy to use!

  1. Simply align the strip lighting copper pods with the coded +/- (positive/negative) connection notations on the SNAP connector, which assures a proper match with copper teeth.
  2. Snap it shut with the lock-down side clips. The positive connection TEETH bite directly into the copper pads of the LED Light Strip.
  3. And then you have a secured cable connection that stands alone as the best solderless connection available.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 8240-SNP-LVT-4C-10mm-1ft

Voltage & Current DC3~24V / Max.5A
Pin Quantity 4 pins
Color RGB
IP Rating IP43 or IP65
Width 10mm

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Connecting power supply to light with no soldering
  • Extending the length between LED lights

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