PAL24XL, 24W

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Effective trade show display lighting is a key component of your exhibit strategy and can have a remarkable impact on the success of your product promotion and revenue generation. In fact, proper booth illumination can be viewed as your most important merchandising tool – contributing to stronger awareness, enhanced image, and greater sales and marketing results.

Having brighter lights and/or more creative illumination techniques will position you to attract more visitors to your booth.

According to booth design expert Bruce Baker, who published an article series on booth lighting in The Crafts Report, a good lighting system that functions at peak performance will boost sales more than any other [merchandising] item you can purchase.

Your lighting requirements will vary significantly depending on your specific promotional goals, display configuration, exhibit color and design, booth lighting fixtures, and space.

Prism Tradeshow Lighting specializes in providing superior high-quality exhibit lighting!

We are the experts, Prism will help you make the best possible lighting choice… and ensure you achieve the look (and promotional results) you want.