Easy Install Recessed Lighting

How to Install Lovo LED Recessed Lights
Friday, February 15th, 2019

Installing LED Lighting has never been easier with the Lovo LED Recessed Lighting System!

Lovo LED Recessed Lights provides a simple installation system that anyone can do it! It’s an easy to use plug n’ play cabling system with safe voltage of 24V that you allows you to link up to 6 recessed lights in a row.

With Lovo LED Recessed Lights, you can daisy chain up to 6 fixtures in a row and if more lights are needed, simply add multipoint connectors to link all the lights to a single power supply. It will take the same time to install 6 Lovo lights as it typically takes to hard wire 1 conventional light. No hard wired lighting required… just pop the light into place, connect the FC connectors to the power supply or dimmer control, and you are set! This provides huge electrical and labor savings during installation. The Lovo FC connector system makes installing or changing out a fixture easier and faster than ever!

Watch our video to learn how easy it is to install Lovo LED Recessed Lights.