Battery Powered LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Product Description

We have created an amazing game changer with our battery system and LED Flexible Ribbon strips. With one of our Show100 rechargeable battery packs we can get 11hrs on 16ft of LED Flexible Ribbon Lighting, that’s right 11hrs and the battery is rechargeable. You can truly have accent lighting anyway you or your client chooses. No more 3ft options of LED ribbon with only replacement batteries and only a few hours of run time. No need for expensive sub floors or all the hassle of under floor electrical power. Take control of your booth with Battery Powered LED Lighting.

Product Specifications

• Item No. PTSL-1210FS-3012-R/B/G/W/WW
• LED Brand Chips: Epistar
• LED Qty: 30 LEDs/M
• Operation Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC
• Lumens: 150-200 Lumen/M (White LED)
• Power Consumption: .75 watts/foot (Brighter options available)
• PCB Width: 10mm White PCB)
• Length: 16ft (5meter) Roll
• IP GradeIP43 Non-waterproof
• Beam Angle120 degree
• Color: Single Color
2900K to 3200K(WW)
4000K to 4500K(NW)
6000K to 6800K(PW)
650nm to 750nm(Red)
420nm to 490nm(Blue)
490nm to 575nm(Green)
575nm to 585nm(Yellow)
585nm to 650nm(Orange)
380nm to 420nm(Ultraviolet)

Spec Sheet