Product Innovation Awards

Prism has won Exhibitor Magazine Buyers Choice Awards three years in a row. Can any other trade show lighting supplier say this?

PAL25S, 25W

2013 – PAL25S AC LED Display Arm Light
World’s first LED arm light without a transformer offers users affordability, durability, energy-efficiency, along with savings in electrical and operating costs while producing 70% less heat than traditional lighting.

  • 25 watt bright white (5000k) AC LED light equal to that of 250 watt halogen
  • Built-in light reflector for controlled light direction
  • Intelligently engineered heat sink to absorb energy
  • Universal slide extrusion base to fit most types of fastening brackets and clamps

SGS 220-12V

2014 – Show Battery “Portable Power in a Box”
A Li-ion battery capable of powering 72 watts of LED light (equal to 600 watts of halogen) for up to 18hrs (voltage regulated LED) on a full charge‎.

  • Powerful enough to light your entire booth
  • Small enough to fit in an island display
  • Full charge in only 10 hours (or less depending on use)
  • Use any regular outlet plug to recharge, e.g. overnight at your hotel
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation

Showbattery Show6 Kit

2015 – SHOW6 Kit
A revolutionary new turnkey solution that enables you and your clients to drastically reduce electrical power costs at events.

  • 6 watt LED arm light powered for up to 22 hours
  • Portable Li-ion battery gives design flexibility – no more sub-floor installs
  • Fast recharge time – full charge in only 6 hours
  • Quick and easy installation