MR16 Dimmable GU5.3 LED Lamp

Product Description

Don’t settle for LED lamps that say as bright as the halogen equivalent, your exhibits can have the best of both worlds. Prism’s LiteSpanLED MR-16 7 Watt lamp is a high-brightness 12Vac/dc lamp. Most LED lamps out there are not as bright as the 50-watt halogen and the ones that are as bright cost big dollars. Prism has a 7-watt lamp that not only equals the 50-watt halogen (or betters) but it costs much less than competitors. DO NOT settle for LED lamps that aren’t as bright, your clients will notice. It is 85% more energy-efficient and under normal situations will last you 5 years. It’s the excessive heat of the halogen that causes the lamp to break down so fast. This LED equivalent operates at a much lower temperature giving it a much longer life. You’ll be surprised at how bright these LED lamps are. The LED lamp is on the path to replace all incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. LiteSpanLED MR16 FLOOD 40 DEGREE BEAM 7W-500LM DIMMABLE 3000K 80CRI 12V

Product Specifications

Number of LED1
Input Voltage12V AC/DC
Lumen 500lm
CRI 80+
PF 0.9
Life Span25000hrs
Beam Angle40˚
Color Temperature2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Recessed / Track Lighting
  • Property Management
  • Accent / Display Lighting
  • Retail / Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Houses of Worship
  • Healthcare
  • Task Lighting
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