LED Mini Track Light System

Product Description

PLG472 LED 2-Head Mini Track System

The adjustable LED Fixtures on this Light Bar offer full mobility making it ideal for up-lighting. It can also be secured to the top of your booth structure as an overhead down-light wall wash. The PLG472 is super-efficient using only 48 watts of energy, yet delivers output equal to over 400 watts of halogen. It offers an even bright white light (5000k) and can be customized to various sizes or change color temperature to fit your application.

The heat energy created by LEDs is absorbed by the intelligently engineered heat sink on the backside so there is almost zero radiant heat coming from the lens which will always stay cool to the touch. Plus, the PLG472 has convenient inlet and outlet openings at each end which enables the installer to quickly and easily connect multiple lights together and plug into a single power source.

Copied by many, but none can compare with quality and performance, as the 471 LED 2-Head Track System is the “Real McCoy”.

A Prism Original LED lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism.


Product Specifications

Samsung SMD LED's
Wattage:48 watts (2 heads at 24 watts each)
Finishes:Black, Silver or White
Enclosure:360mmx70mmx40mm (customizable)
Lights:155mm (Height)
Lumens:3200+ Lumens
Lights:155mm (Height)
Bright White Light at 5000K
Metal Enclosure, Aluminum light heads

Spec Sheet

Product Application

This product is great for:

  • Rental Lighting
  • Booth Lighting
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