Exhibit Lighting

Exhibit Trade Show Lighting Booth

Exhibit Lighting
Exhibit and Trade Shows are fast-paced environments where first impressions are everything and companies must stand out to attract customers to their booth. Every exhibit is an investment, and we know that the value of that investment is increased through lighting. That is why we develop high quality, innovative, LED lighting solutions that are beautifully designed and easy to install for the exhibit industry. By using Prism’s exhibit lighting products, you can enhance the exhibit environment and bring attention to the marketing message.

Museum Lighting
Museums require unique lighting solutions to enhance artifacts while preserving any items by preventing UV Damage. Lighting is important element to the overall experience of a museum. When choosing lighting for a museum, all the potential ways for illuminating spaces need to be considered, including general lighting, accent and spotlights, task lighting, and even decorative or sparkle lighting.

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