PTSL-LV508-1 Banner Stand Display Arm Light


Its about design with the PTSL-LV508-1 Banner Stand Display Arm Light. Created to accept either a 12V haolgen 50 watt lamp or our brightest 8 watt LED 12V MR16 Lamp. Our GEN5MR16 is as bright as the 50 watt halogen, don’t be fooled by misleading specifications, you need 8 watts min in LED to equal 50 watts of halogen light.

Product Specifications

- Model PTSL-LV508-1 banner stand light with spring clip mounting,
– Satin chrome finish
– 50 watt MR-16 shielded halogen 12 volt lamp or 8 watt 12 volt LED 5000K or 3000K lamp
– approx 10′ cord set
– cCSAus certified

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