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Introducing the PAL24XL LED Display Light with Extended Arm Stem. Intended to be used when you need a longer light stem for taller panels or products that are displayed on shelving, slatwall or gridwire panels. With additional 4 inches to the arm stems, your message or products will shine bright from top to bottom.

The PAL24XL has a pure white light (5000k), ideal for graphics and product displays. The PAL24XL Extended LED Arm Light is intelligently engineered starting with 42 high quality Samsung LEDs encased in a durable metal fixture with an integrated heat sink to absorb energy (no cooling fan required).

The PAL24XL light fixture offers almost 360 degree rotation along with tilt action to direct the light to your desired position. PAL24XL incorporates a durable metal universal slide base that accepts industry standard brackets, clips and fasteners (another innovation by Prism). The light base includes a clever strain relief feature, securing the power cord to the back of the light.

The pure bright white light of the PAL24XL outperforms all other LED lights. There are cost savings as the PAL24XL consumers 80% less power and emits 70% less heat than traditional lighting. The amazing PAL24XL generates light
equal to 220 Watt Halogen, yet uses only 24 Watts of energy. Quite simply, this light pays for itself in energy savings. Prism offers an optional 4-in-1 linking kit, allowing you to daisy chain up to 4 PAL24XL Display Lights to a single power supply and reduce Power Supplies by 75%!

PAL24XL Extended LED Arm Light, another Original Series Lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Lighting Group.


Product Specifications

Black Anodized Finish
Power: 24Volts / 24Watts / 0.85A
LED: 42 pc. Samsung SMD5630
CRI: 80
Light Output: Pure White 5000k
1700+ Lm
220 Watts (uses only 24W electric)
Dimensions: Fixture at 24”Long (total length)
Light Head @ 5.75”W x 3.25”H x 1.25”D
Base: On/Off Power Switch
Metal Slide Bar
Built-in Strain Relief
Includes Power Supply with 10’ cord

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