PAL24XL LED Arm light


Product Description


The new PAL24XL LED Display Arm Light is now 10% brighter and shines more light than any halogen display arm light. Generating 220 Watts (halogen equal) of bright white light using the highest quality LED, the PAL24XL is the standard all other LED display lights are measured by.

The PAL24XL has a bright pure white light (5000k), ideal for Tradeshow Displays, Showcasing Products, Jewelry, Clothing, Graphics, Art, etc. This innovative light has an intelligently engineered heat sink to absorb energy on the backside while the front stays cool to the touch. In addition, the arm light base is reinforced with a sturdy metal slide extrusion designed to fit the most common fastening brackets and clamps. If you need to soften the light, simply add a warmer color filter onto your PAL24XL LED arm light. No tools or assembly required, as the flexible color filter is press fit onto the existing clear lens and stays on as long as needed.

The PAL24XL consumes over 80% less power, saving energy costs and helping the environment, one watt at time. For example, if you use ten traditional 200W halogen arm lights, it will cost at least 2,000 Watts of power to rent. The PAL24XL uses only 24 Watts and ten lights require only 240 Watts total which is 88% less energy consumption and cost! Tradeshow Marketing is a major investment for companies and Prism Lighting Group™ is committed to maximizing product value to our customers.

Copied by many, but none can compare with quality and performance, as the PAL24XL is the “Real McCoy” of LED Tradeshow Display Arm Lights. PAL24XL, another Signature Series LED lighting product designed, engineered and built by Prism Lighting Group™.



Product Specifications

•42pcs of Samsung SMD LEDs
•24 watts
•CRI: 80
•1600+ Lumens
•Finishes: Black, Silver or White
•Head: 59cmx17cmx6.3cm
•Stem: 9.7mm Dia x 350mm (14") long
•Metal head and stem, plastic base
•UL approved Power Supply
•Optional Clamps and Brackets available
•Universal power supply, NA, EU, SA, Aus etc.

Spec Sheet

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