LovoFlex LED Strip Lighting 5.8 Watts/ft 4-in-1 RGBW

Product Description

Prism Lighting Group RGBW SMD 5060 Flexible Strip is our original premium quality RGBW strip. The 5060 SMD LEDs not only provide brilliant brightness but also fabulous color changing properties, over 16 million colors to be exact.  The New 4 in 1 LED has Red, Green, Blue and Warm White Quad LED Chip. With our pre-programmed RF remote RGBW Controller or DMX interface decoder, you will be able to reach almost any color you desire.

Designed for interior and exterior use, this will allow you to grab attention at your next trade show. You are able to bend and twist in just about any direction imaginable.

Every piece of LED strip comes equipped with the strongest adhesive backing on the market today. LovoFlex™ LED Strip Lighting series uses Tesa Tape, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products since 1936.

UL Certified

Product Specifications

• Item: 6070-FL-5.8W24V-RGBW-4in1
• LED Brand: Premium Epistar
• LED 4 in 1
• Operation Voltage: 24VDC
• Lumens: 1440 lm/M at White
• Power Consumption Max. 19W/m or 5.9W/ft
• PCB Width 12mm 4.0 ounce white PCB
• Length 5 meters/roll
• Beam Angle:120 Degree
• Color RGBWW

Spec Sheet

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