Don’t settle for LED lamps that are “almost as bright as halogen” because your displays can have it all with the GEN5 LED Lamp. Prism Tradeshow Lighting introduces the GEN5 PAR16 / 8Watt / 120v LED lamp.   Up to now, most MR16 Series LED lamps are simply not as bright as traditional 50 Watt halogen lamps or just cost too much for equivalent. The Prism GEN5 PAR16 / 8 Watt LED lamp equals the 50 watt halogen yet is priced much less than other LED lamps rated at the same wattage and lumen output.

Your LED lighting should be bright and don’t be fooled, your clients will take notice.  Most LED MR16 lamps below 8 watts are closer to the light output of a 35 watt halogen. The GEN5 LED Natural White Lamp is rated at an amazing 535 lumens and 85% more energy efficient than traditional halogen. GEN5 LED life span is 25,000+ hrs and under most circumstances will last at least 5 years. Excessive heat created by halogen bulbs is the biggest reason for short life spans and the GEN5 LED operates at a much lower temperature with engineered heat sink technology, increasing longevity and durability. You will be amazed at the brightness of GEN5 MR16 LED lamps, with natural white light rated at 5000k and a warm white light at 3000K.

Stay ahead of the game with LED lamps from Prism Tradeshow Lighting as it will be lights out for incandescent, fluorescent and halogen before you know it!

GEN5 MR16 LED Lamps by Prism Tradeshow Lighting, the leaders in tradeshow lighting.

Product Specifications

•Base: E26
•Number of LED: 1
•Dimmable: Yes
•Input Voltage: 120V
•Frequency: 60Hz
•Power: 8W
•Lumen: 470lm-535lm
•CRI: 80
•PF: 0.9
•Life Span: 25000hrs
•Size: D50*H70mm
•Beam Angle: 40˚
•Color Temperature: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
•2700 and 3000K Energy Star

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