Down Light: Adapter (8 Inch)

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The 2 Point Slim Lite adapter is 8″ in length. It is used for connecting 2 LED Slim Lite fixtures to the TRS60 power supply.

Product Specifications

ADS12--------- : SLIMLITE 4" / 6" Adapter (Male - Female - Female)

Product Specifications
•Wire Gauge : 18AWG
•Length: 8 Inches

Product Features
•Only to be used with LUMINIZ SLIMLITE 4" / 6"
•Suggested distance from the inline transformer to the last downlight: 3 meters
•MAX. Distance between 2 downlights: 3 meters
•Can connect up to MAX 4 SLIMLITE 4" or 3 SLIMLITE 6" per LUMINIZ transformer

Spec Sheet

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