Our dedicated team of professionals consists of licensed electricians, engineers, mechanical designers, product designers, and technicians. Together we have decades of lighting knowledge, offering expertise and logistical support, both on-site and remote during planning, design, fabrication, and installation.

Roman Moszkowicz
National Sales Manager

Roman has a BFA Degree in Environmental Design and brings over 25 Years of Sales, Marketing and Problem-Solving experience to Prism Lighting Group™. Through his professional career, Roman has worked with manufacturers of custom trade show exhibits, portable and modular display systems and SEG/tension fabric producers.

Roman opened the USA office in 2013, enjoying continuous growth every year and now the Prism USA facility is a full-service operation, providing ready-to-ship LED lighting products and custom finishing service supported by a staff of dedicated customer-centric professionals.

Roman manages Prism USA with the philosophy that everyone works together to create a solution for the most important Boss… our customer.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x107 | Email: romanm@prismlightinggroup.com

Travis McKee
Sr. Account Representative

With an education in IT Communications and networking systems, Travis brings a wealth of technical know-how to Prism. He joined the US team in 2016 bringing a wealth of experience in customer service and the troubleshooting process. He goes above and beyond to provide customers with effective solutions that meet their lighting challenges.

Travis has worked on projects of varying complexity and sizes form large to small and always delivers successful end results. Travis is an energetic, goal-driven person with excellent communication skills. He is the first point of contact with existing customers, answer queries and working toward achieving customer’s goals.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x108 | Email: travism@prismlightinggroup.com

Christopher Eppeira
Inventory Coordinator USA

Continually striving for success, Chris is a problem solver, with 8+ years’ experience in Logistics/Supply Chain Management. He is goal-oriented and has been a strong member of the delivery team on multiple projects. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Brockport with National Honor Society Memberships.

Chris is responsible for the well-organized and efficient preparation and handling of incoming and outgoing materials. He handles shipping, receiving and recording the movement of parts, supplies, materials, equipment and stock to and from the establishment. Chris carries out his duties in a team environment, with a customer service excellence mindset.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x112 | Email: christophere@prismlightinggroup.com

Charlie Simpson
Prism Co-Founder / VP Product Development and Chief Technology Architect

Charlie Simpson has developed premiere lighting products in the Exhibit Manufacturing, Retail Display and Branded Environment for more than 10 years.  Working in the Electrical Service industry in the early stages of his career he realized that while the industry itself was evolving the lighting products were not.  Creating several award-winning products including the first LED arm light in the industry with linking abilities and the first telescoping light stand. He saw an opportunity to innovate and create more value for the customer. Launching Prism Tradeshow Lighting part-time in 2001 and full time in 2010.

Over the years,  he has seen many changes in the marketplace. As a result, Prism Trade Show Lighting took the next step in its evolution of the brand and changed its name to Prism Lighting Group™ in 2017.  The name change represents our commitment to provide customers with cutting-edge innovation and expertise across a broad spectrum of the market.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x105 | Email: charlies@prismlightinggroup.com

Shelley Simpson
Prism Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Simpson is all about Innovation Leadership; CEO Prism Lighting Group™ & Co-founded LED SGS Solutions Inc. launched in 2013 and former Co-owner of Adpro Adhesives Inc, Shelley has over 25 yrs. business leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Recently completing her Masters in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saint Mary’s University and sitting on the Board of Directors for Spring Board Atlantic, she is dedicated to innovation in business and the development of new technology. Former Executive Director of the Centre for Women in Business Mount Saint Vincent University and one of the founding members of the National Task Force for Women’s Business Growth.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x115 | Email: shelleys@prismlightinggroup.com

Brad Highfield
Central Operations Manager

Joining the Prism team in 2016 Brad has a wealth of industry knowledge. He has spent 10+ years in a leadership role in the I&D industry he is skilled in managing complex operations and resources. He has an Entrepreneurial spirit and a member of the management team he runs the Central operations like a well-oiled machine. As the Central Operations Manager, Brad directs, administer, and coordinates the operational activities of the company. He is responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of the company’s operations. He leads and directs the operational business functions and assist the company in the development of organizational policies and procedures that cover operations, personnel, financial performance, and growth.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x121 | Email: bradh@prismlightinggroup.com

Matthew Taylor
Accounting / Office Manager

With experience in accounting, administration and team leadership and a degree in Business Administration-Accounting Major, Matt has a great skill set. As a key member of our Operations team, he ensures the financial and administrative success of the company. Working with the team, he is responsible for overall accounting, as well as expanding this role to support a variety of administrative functions.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x109| Email: accounts@prismlightinggroup.com

Heather Gillis
Marketing Manager

Heather Gillis is a passionate marketer with a love digital advertising, market research & graphic design. She’s an experienced marketer with Honors in Marketing from Nova Scotia Community College and B.A. Sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University. Through her professional career, she has a proven record of creating successful marketing campaigns and building brand awareness through various marketing channels. As Marketing Manager at Prism, she loves being able to tell the world how lighting brings customers projects to life and providing lighting advice & product knowledge. As a lifelong learner, she enjoys staying on top of the latest digital and industry trends.

Phone: 866-620-1380 x116 | Email: heatherg@prismlightinggroup.com

Harjas Kaur
Product Engineer

Experienced in Research and Development in the field of Electronics and Engineering. She has worked on the development and design enhancement of both hardware and software used to create effective and innovative solutions focussing on product development and customer satisfaction. Her strengths include critical thinking and problem-solving, which she has proven in many advanced research and development projects. She is updated with recent trends of Project Management and Enterprise Resource planning for delivery of effective products and services. A solution minded person with six years’ experience as an Electronics Engineer committed to the best combination of engineering, knowledge and expertise keeping the future in mind

Phone: 866-620-1380 x124 | Email: harjask@prismlightinggroup.com