Our dedicated team of professionals consists of licensed electricians, engineers, mechanical designers, product designers, and technicians. Together we have decades of lighting knowledge, offering expertise and logistical support, both on-site and remote during planning, design, fabrication, and installation.

Charlie Simpson
Prism Co-Founder / VP Product Development and Chief Technology Architect

Phone: 866-620-1380 x105 | Email: charlies@prismlightinggroup.com


Brad Highfield
Central Operations Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x121 | Email: bradh@prismlightinggroup.com

Bruce Mills
Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x122 | Email: brucem@prismlightinggroup.com

Teriann Highfield
CSR Project Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x120 | Email: teriannh@prismlightinggroup.com

Trevor Thompson
Lead Technician 

Phone: 866-620-1380 x110 | Email: trevort@prismlightinggroup.com

Rajdeep Singh
Project Coordinator

Phone: 866-620-1380 x110 | Email: rajdeeps@prismlightinggroup.com

Bei Hu
Lighting Technician 

Phone: 866-620-1380 x110 | Email: beih@prismlightinggroup.com

Dhvani Patel
Lighting Technician 

Phone: 866-620-1380 x110 | Email: dhavnip@prismlightinggroup.com

David Domagala
Lighting Technician 

Phone: 866-620-1380 x110 | Email: davidd@prismlightinggroup.com



Roman Moszkowicz
National Sales Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x107 | Email: romanm@prismlightinggroup.com

Travis McKee
Sr. Account Representative

Phone: 866-620-1380 x108 | Email: travism@prismlightinggroup.com

Christopher Eppeira
Inventory Coordinator USA

Phone: 866-620-1380 x112 | Email: christophere@prismlightinggroup.com

Zach Holmes
Sales Support & Development

Phone: 866-620-1380 x111 | Email: zacharyh@prismlightinggroup.com

Franck Bisimwa
Lighting Technician 

Phone: 866-620-1380 x111 | Email: franckb@prismlightinggroup.com


Shelley Simpson
Prism Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 866-620-1380 x115 | Email: shelleys@prismlightinggroup.com

Matthew Taylor
Accounting / Office Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x109| Email: accounts@prismlightinggroup.com

Heather Gillis
Marketing Manager

Phone: 866-620-1380 x116 | Email: heatherg@prismlightinggroup.com

Harjas Kaur
Product Engineer

Phone: 866-620-1380 x124 | Email: harjask@prismlightinggroup.com